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The management is formed by Marianne Dijkhuizen, Freek Walther and Jeanette Jager. After years of intensive collaboration, they have opted for synergy, by bundling their versatile knowledge and experiences together. And, together with their team of certified confidants, behavioural experts, (organisational) psychologists, MfN registered mediators and labour lawyers, they are all there for you.

De Vertrouwenspersoon (The Confidant) operates nationwide and works exclusively with professional and qualified employees. The confidants associated with De Vertrouwenspersoon are experienced, certified confidants, who have various additional expertise and competences as well. In addition, we have employment lawyers, behavioural experts and (organisational) psychologists, who are also specialised in the field of social safety and integrity in the context of work, sport and education. As a result, our team is able to provide adequate and appropriate advice and guidance for different problems, in various sectors.

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