In an ideal world, no confidant is needed. However, the reality is different. In the office, at school, in care, assistance, volunteering and in sports, wherever people are together, undesirable behaviours can occur and there is also a chance of integrity violations.

All our confidants are certified by the National Association of Confidential Advisors (LVvV) and oversee casuistry on undesirable behaviours and integrity issues on a daily basis. Our experience is based on thousands of practical cases. Our close network includes lawyers, psychologists, behavioural experts, coaches and recognised mediators, all with a specialisation in our field. There is no question that we cannot expertly answer.

Our approach

We are pragmatic, if there are reports or complaints, in the vast majority of cases we come to a solution with sincere attention, a good conversation and – if appropriate – a smile. Sometimes this isn’t possible however. In such cases, the confidant will guide the formal process such as the complaints investigation, which we are (very) experienced in as well.

When reporting integrity issues, we usually act in a more formal manner. We are well acquainted with the legislation on the reporting of abuses and are used to providing adequate guidance in more serious case studies in which many interests are at stake.

Do you have questions?

Do you wish to appoint an external confidant for your organisation or to follow training as a counsellor? Are you looking for an experienced complaints investigator or do you intend to carry out a signal or culture investigation? Then you are at the right place at De Vertrouwenspersoon. Please contact us!

Protection, advice and guidance

Being confronted with undesirable behaviour is a very intense and emotional experience. A confidant therefore has the added value of providing relief and guidance. De Vertrouwenspersoon (The Confidant) realises this on the basis of the skills below.

Listening ear

Calling upon a confidant is often a big step for someone who is confronted with undesirable behaviour. Once this step has been taken, it is very important that you listen to him/her carefully. Good listening is the first step to a solution.


The person who seeks the help of a confidential counsellor is in an intense situation. This is often accompanied by emotions. Understanding, empathy and a neutral attitude offer the confidence needed to be able to talk openly about the situation that has arisen.


Being confronted with undesirable behaviours is a very intense situation. As a result, it is often difficult to think clearly about issues such as: which steps should I take, which authorities should I call in, how do I formulate a complaint, etc. De Vertrouwenspersoon (The Confidant) offers practical support and guidance.


Clarity about the accessibility of a confidant and about the course of a possible complaints process is important. Which is why De Vertrouwenspersoon (The Confidant) attaches great importance to clear agreements about contact moments and accessibility.

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