Complaints investigation

The Confidant has extensive experience in cultural, reports and complaints investigations. Depending on the situation and the type of research, the work will be carried out solo or in a team.

In various cases it may be useful, or even necessary, to conduct an investigation in the case of undesirable behaviour:

The formal complaints investigation: if an employee has submitted a formal complaint regarding undesirable behaviour and there do not seem to be any possibilities for informal settlement.

The report or signal investigation: if, for example as a manager, you receive signals regarding undesirable behaviour within a department. There is no formal complaint but you feel responsible and want to know exactly what is going on.

The culture study: when it is clear to you that certain behaviours within a department generally leave something to be desired, but you do not really understand the full extent of it.

A good confidant can play an important role in preventing unnecessary complaints investigations. Nevertheless, there are situations where a formal complaint investigation is inevitable. The facts are too serious, or the parties failed to settle the situation amicably in the preliminary phase.

Is the investigation process of reports, a complaints investigation, a culture investigation or the formation of a complaints committee relevant for your organisation, or do you have doubts? Then we are happy to advise you. You can have highly experienced investigators at your disposal via De Vertrouwensperson (The Confidant). Our employees have been involved in hundreds of investigations in the field of social safety. One of our employees is a member of the National Complaints Committee for Undesirable Behaviour of the Association of Dutch Municipalities. In addition to the extensive experience within our own ranks, the most experienced subject matter experts in the Netherlands in this field are part of the network and team of De Vertrouwensperson (The Confidant). Both legal and behavioural knowledge is available. Incidentally, it is also possible, in the case of complaints investigations, to add members from within your own organisation. This is cost efficient and often also has important added value, because your employees know the organisation well.

If it is relevant for your organisation to conduct an investigation, we will be happy to talk to you (confidentially) about how this can take shape, as well as the costs of such an investigation.

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