Frank Hazewinkel

Frank has been a freelancer since 2018 for the organisation De Vertrouwenspersoon.

Frank is an experienced professional in the field of assistance and coaching. Starting from a solid foundation as a senior social worker, Frank has worked since 1985 at various companies as an executive social worker and has held various management positions. Frank has also been active as a college teacher and supervisor.

In October 2009, he founded his own company and from this company he performs various functions for individuals, government and companies. Current roles and tasks include those of: Certified External Confidential Advisor, Post-trauma counsellor, Company social worker, Coach/Supervisor and teacher in the field of communication-oriented training.

Frank uses the principle that everyone’s story is, in principle, worth hearing and being thought through carefully. He is curious, puts listening above judgment, and tries to establish a dialogue where possible. But Frank also uses a pragmatic and result-oriented approach and strives for usable solutions that do justice to all involved.

You can contact Frank at 088-1119910 or

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