Inge van Hunnik

Inge van Hunnik (1963) works as a certified Confidential Advisor on Undesirable Behaviour and Integrity for the office of De Vertrouwenspersoon (The Confidant).

Inge has a background in the advertising and film world and subsequently worked as an HR specialist, coach and training expert in the Financial Service Industry for thirteen years.

Working with people in a service role as well as listening to (learning) issues and developing (learning) programmes is an important theme in her work life.

Inge utilises her educational and coaching background in both roles.

By letting employees gain insight into their own values ​​and talents, you can help them gauge their own behaviour and set priorities.

After setting up a training agency within a secondment services provider, Inge decided in 2017 to continue further as a self-employed person.

Inge is involved in (team) change processes within the government, and the roll-out of (e-)learning programmes. She is not only available as a confidential advisor at the De Vertrouwensperson agency, but also as a member and secretary of complaints committees. Inge is affiliated with the National Association of Confidential Advisors (LVvV).

What characterises her as a person is charisma, being a bridge builder, empathy and integrity.

What characterises her as a professional is a listening ear, analytical ability, approach, a combination of working on the main line and detail as well as focusing on results.

Inge van Hunnik

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