Jennemieke Otger

Jennemieke Otger (1965) is affiliated with De Vertrouwenspersoon. Jennemieke has a practice for supervision, coaching, intervision and training and she works as an internal and external counsellor for undesirable behaviour for various organisations.

She works from the point of view that everyone deserves safety and respect when dealing with others. She sees it as her task to enable the person who made a report to use his/her own solution skills and to look together for the most suitable solution for the problem that has occurred in the workplace. Her coaching skills have an added value for this.

In addition, she has been working as a music therapist in child and adolescent psychiatry for 25 years.

Jennemieke feels privileged that she can support adults and children, from so many different angles, with the problems they encounter. Jennemieke has a professional registration for all her various functions. As a confidant, she is certified by the National Association of Confidential Advisors.

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