Dominique Maas

Dominique has worked for 20 years in various (international) positions in financial services. In those years, she has gained a lot of experience in various strategic, operational and financing issues in governments and (family) companies. Issues where friction and conflict often arise due to differences in understanding and the expectations of the parties involved. She has also had to deal with conflicts with clients and employees in various management positions, whereby she intuitively proved capable of bringing the parties together. These various roles have made it clear to her that she has a natural aptitude for moving parties who are in conflict situations to come to a solution.

Since 2014, she has chosen to fully use her knowledge and experience as a mediator, MfN registered mediator and independent party counsellor for business, labour and cooperation conflicts. She also acts as the independent chairman of Disputes Advisory Councils and as an external confidant. She likes to use her background in her work, because she believes that her many years of experience in business give an added value.

Dominique is a certified confidential counsellor affiliated with the National Association of Confidential Advisors (LVvV). She guides organisations in shaping and implementing policies in the field of psychosocial workload. As an external confidant, Dominique believes it is important to offer a listening ear to employees who are dealing with undesirable behaviour and then to understand the complaint and to find a solution in close consultation with the person who made the report.

Dominique is registered as a mediator in the national register of the Mediatorsfederatie Nederland (MfN) (Mediators Federation Netherlands) and the Council for Legal Aid.

Dominique is convinced that a better world will come when people within organisations and in society in general come to a solution for conflicts that arise in connection with each other. A better world in terms of creativity, growth, mutual understanding and commitment. Conflicts – even when they have started as a purely business conflict – create a disturbed relationship, a feeling of powerlessness and hostility, which often leads to destructive actions. Destructive actions that cost a lot of money and energy and that do not serve any business or personal interest. Dominique thinks it is a privilege to guide people towards a sustainable and workable solution in such conflict situations.

Dominique Maas

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