Freek Walther

Since 2002, Freek Walther (1971) has been dealing almost exclusively with the subject of undesirable behaviour. As a self-employed person, he works, on a daily basis, within the roles of an external confidant, behaviour and integrity, a trainer of counsellors and managers, a (complaints) mediator and a policy advisor.

In addition, Freek has been involved in several hundred complaint and culture investigations, both independently and within a committee context. He is a member of a number of leading complaints committees, including the National Complaints Committee for Undesirable Behaviour for the decentralised government (VNG).

Freek is active in many sectors including education, healthcare and the police. Freek goes by the principle that everyone’s story is, in principle, worth hearing and being carefully thought through. He is curious, puts listening above judgement, and tries to establish a conversation when possible. But Freek also uses a pragmatic and result-oriented approach and strives for useful solutions that do justice to all involved.

Freek is co-director of De Vertrouwensperson (The Confidant)

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