Matty Toorenburg

Matty Toorenburg works as a freelancer at ‘De Vertrouwenspersoon’.

Matty has a background as a teacher and member of the management team in primary education and as a teacher of pedagogy, mentor and educational specialist in secondary vocational education.

Since 2014, Matty has been active as an internal confidant for undesirable behaviour, for both students and employees, at the Regional Training Centre at Horizon College in Alkmaar.

She has also been working as an external confidant since 2016, both in the field of undesirable behaviour and integrity. This includes organisations within the care sector, education and childcare.

Matty is a certified confidant affiliated with the National Association of Confidential Advisors (LVvV) and she actively supervises the propagation of the anti-bullying policy within Horizon College, both preventively and curatively.

Matty is a social and empathetic personality-type. As a result, she often knows how to gain trust from employees, regardless of their job level. From her role as Confidant, she intends to look for solutions aimed at autonomy and empowerment that benefit all involved.

You can contact Matty at 088-1119910 or

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