Training provocative coach / psychologist

Coaching, or assisting, is a wonderful profession. You can get close to people and if you can watch them as they grow, it can be extremely satisfying. If things are going well, that is, you will go home satisfied.

But sometimes well-considered advice is not followed and there’s not much willingness to change. Clients want a solution, but do not always see their own part in this.

Provocative coaching is creating breakthroughs; by means of reverse psychology, warm humour and challenge, you move clients into insights and different behaviour.

The Vendl institute works together with KU Leuven and students at Utrecht University to make its education one of the best in the Netherlands.

We teach you to feel so secure that you will dare to utilise the method.


  • Your clients better in taking action, yourself more freedom;
  • A sustainable way of coaching that lasts;
  • Acceleration and enrichment in conversations;
  • Create real motion, and change;
  • Improvement of coach-client relationship;
  • Reverse psychology;
  • Your coaching skills on a high level.


’What you do is bring out the protest of the people by consorting with the enemy: their bad self-destructive behaviour. Humour is the magic agent, but you don’t laugh at people, you laugh together at the things that are bothering them. That really creates motion, and change.’

If you dare to go further in intense moments, you will create a breakthrough faster. By provocative coaching there is more air and space in the conversation, so you experience more pleasure, together with the client, and your creativity increases. As a result, you save energy for more clients, and you help clients better and faster. No dragging or bothersome resistance, because you will give it short shrift. You will be better equipped for all kinds of clients and your coaching skills will make a lot of progress. And, last but not least, it’s a great personal development process for any coach, that you just get for free :).

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