Basic training special-task employee

Since 2013, schools have been obliged to use a reporting code, which must be followed when suspecting domestic violence or child abuse. Many schools have appointed a special-task employee who plays a central role in reporting and following the steps of the reporting code.

In theory, the special-task employee’s job may not be that complicated. The use of the reporting code mainly consists of following a detailed step-by-step plan. In practice, however, it appears that the special-task employee is confronted with tough, often (emotionally) burdensome dilemmas. This reality is frequently discussed during the training, based on true case studies.

In the basic training, consisting of two half-days, all aspects of the work of the special-task employee are dealt with. After following the training you will also have a solid knowledge base to properly fulfil the role of special-task employee.

Target audience:

Teachers who play the role of internal contact or confidential advisor, or who otherwise have to deal with domestic violence or child abuse on the grounds of their position within education.


The first session thoroughly discusses the reporting code and the step-by-step plan to be followed. In addition, attention is paid to the role of ‘Safe Home’ and, for example, to the question of what child abuse actually means by law. The theory is linked to practice in the second session. Based on real case studies, we will practice ‘weighing’ reports. The position of the special-task employee within the scope of the safety policy is also discussed.

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